(C) OHP, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 15

Mood: Now, queue it up! So in about a couple weeks or so, I am going (again) to try for my 1RMs. What I have noticed about programs that prep for powerlifting meets, that they start to become singularly focused until the big day. So this workout will be the last OHP and Accessory lifts and […]

(B) OHP, Deadlifts, Shoulders :: Greyskull LP Week 14

Mood: Weak Thursday night, I went out for OHPs and Deadlifts. and the gym was crowded af. Let me correct myself: both squats were occuppied which to me, it might as well be n2b in there. I have one gal banging out Squats in 15-rep sets and this other gal doing Olympic lifts. With these ding […]

(B) OHP, Deadlifts :: Greyskull LP Week 12

Mood: Backlogging like a mofo. Here’s the workout: Training: Sets Overhead Press 95×5; 115×5; 125×5; 115×5 Romanian Deadlifts 135×10; 225×5 Deadlifts 2×5 295# Finishers Overhead Press 10 reps 115# Deadlifts 10 reps 295# Results: This was the first training day where I reset my OHP all the way back to 95. No regrets. Also, this is where […]