Bench – Week 18

Mood: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it ain’t rough, it ain’t right. If loving Bench/OHP/Arms days are wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups OHP 65# 10 reps Reverse Barbell Curl 5×12 65# Sets OHP 4×5 100# Bench 5×5 100# Concentration Curls 5×8 30# Finishers Bench 5×10 100# […]

Squats Week 16

Mood: Pretty good. Went in thinking I was going to cover some good ground. What actually happened was a whole other story. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Back Squats 3 reps 135# Sets Back Squats 5×3 225# Finishers Back Squats 5 reps 225# Leg Press 5×8 275# Results: Meh. Warm-ups were no problem. Then I add […]

Bench Week 16

Mood: BIG BENCH SUNDAYS! Well, my bench is kinda weak. So weak bench Mondays. Again, keeping it simple, I decided to go with Close Grip, Normal, and then Incline. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Close Grip Bench (Fat Gripz) 3×10 95# Sets Barbell Bench Press 4×5 170 Finishers Smith Iso-lateral Incline Bench 4×12 105# Results: Meh I […]

Deadlifts Week 15

Mood: AWWWW YIIIISSSSSSS MOFOS! DEADLIFTS There is no reason to be alive if you cannot Deadlift. – Jón Páll Sigmarsson That is the God’s honest truth! Until 1RM Day, Thursdays or Fridays will be Deadlift day. I could add other exercises that will add strength to the back but this day, I am going to keep […]

(C) OHP, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 15

Mood: Now, queue it up! So in about a couple weeks or so, I am going (again) to try for my 1RMs. What I have noticed about programs that prep for powerlifting meets, that they start to become singularly focused until the big day. So this workout will be the last OHP and Accessory lifts and […]