Cardio :: Minimalist LP Cycle 5

Mood: Werk. So when I was doing all the cardio whileI I recovered from being sick (walking, bicycling), my cut was going tremendously well. Every person I know that is cutting also includes some cardio in their routine. I cannot stand cardio. But I love conditioning. I love ballistic training which is essentially moving weight […]

Swings + Dips + Pull-ups :: Stronglifts 5×5 Week 1

Mood: Reading old articles from Charles Poliquin aka Strength Sensei and ran across this while researching training for biceps. One of the five mistakes he listed were when you fail to extend the elbows for full range. To do so, is “an open invitation not to have big arms.” This made me examine and evaluate […]

Rows + Swings + Pull-ups :: Kettlebell TRM Week 16

Mood: Effin’ Monsterous Did this while leading half my kids through their own fitness routine and chasing around my 2 year old boy. Good times. Here’s the workout: Warm-ups: KB Halos 16kg 2×10 KB Goblet Squats 16kg 2×5 Training: Killin’ it. Supersets High KB Rows (2 sec pause) 70#, 6×6 for 72 reps 1H […]