(C) OHP, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 15

Mood: Now, queue it up! So in about a couple weeks or so, I am going (again) to try for my 1RMs. What I have noticed about programs that prep for powerlifting meets, that they start to become singularly focused until the big day. So this workout will be the last OHP and Accessory lifts and […]

(A) Bench, Squats, Back :: Greyskull LP Week 15

Mood: Tad confused. This is the last workout of Week 14 but I decided to switch from MWF to STH since Mondays have the gym so crowded for some odd reason. That means end of Week 14 is now the beginning of Week 15. I will reset the program at the end of this week. Here’s […]

(B) OHP, Deadlifts, Shoulders :: Greyskull LP Week 14

Mood: Weak Thursday night, I went out for OHPs and Deadlifts. and the gym was crowded af. Let me correct myself: both squats were occuppied which to me, it might as well be n2b in there. I have one gal banging out Squats in 15-rep sets and this other gal doing Olympic lifts. With these ding […]

(A) Bench, Squats, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 14

Mood: Undefeated. Hit the gym Tuesday night. Did the usual ‘throw the gym bag to reserve the power/squat rack’ routine but when my time came up to get going, the single movable bench was not available. So, I had to do Bench like a normal person. What ended up happening is that the Squat rack never […]

(D) Bench, Deadlifts, Shoulders :: Greyskull LP Week 13

Mood: Stronk. So we had this massive problem with freakin’ fruit flies in our kitchen. The night before my wife bombs the kitchen with this “safe” fruit fly killer and they still returned. So last night our entire family clean the kitchen from top to bottom. All opened foods in our pantry was toss. Fruit, trashed. […]

(C) OHP, Squats, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 13

Mood: Sadness, Part 1. No countdown. No 1RM testing. No good arm pump. Two reasons for delaying the 1RM. When I calculated my Calculated 1RM based on the following formula: Calc1RM=Weight x Reps x 0.0333 + Weight …for each of my lifts, I tended to be a hair under 2/3/4 plates. So instead of making my […]

(A) Bench, Squats. Shoulders :: Greyskull LP Week 12

Mood: Backlogging. Here’s the workout: Training: Supersets Barbell Bench Press 2×5 165# Front Plate Raises 5×12 45# High Bar Barbell Back Squats 2×5 240# Finishers Barbell Bench Press 10 reps 165# High Bar Barbell Back Squats 10 reps 240# Standing One-Arm Landmine Press 3×8 120# Results: I was looking up great shoulder strength exercises because at […]

(B) OHP, Deadlifts :: Greyskull LP Week 12

Mood: Backlogging like a mofo. Here’s the workout: Training: Sets Overhead Press 95×5; 115×5; 125×5; 115×5 Romanian Deadlifts 135×10; 225×5 Deadlifts 2×5 295# Finishers Overhead Press 10 reps 115# Deadlifts 10 reps 295# Results: This was the first training day where I reset my OHP all the way back to 95. No regrets. Also, this is where […]

(A) Bench, Squats, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 12

Mood: Psyched! Can’t wait to test my 1RM next week and seeing how much I have improved after 12 weeks of Barbell training. The last time I tested: Deadlift 315# OHP 115# Squats — Bench 150# I am going to shoot for the stars and hit 2/3/4plates. I will do 2 rep warm-ups up until […]