Deadlifts 80% – Week 20

Mood: Stoked. I got to 24 Hour Fitness for lunch and I just remembered that I have access to the Kettlebells while the trainers are there! So, I figure a heavy 80# Finisher wouldn’t be so bad. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Romanian Deadlifts 135# 1×10; 205# 1×10; 225# 1×10; 295# 2×5 Sets Deadlifts 325# for 7 […]

Deadlifts – Week 19

Mood: Manic. Episodes. Anxiety filled. I had nearly six episodes between Friday and this morning. Every one of them I was able to walk away mentally except for this one. Last time, I had a series of three and it was I didn’t go to the gym between Tuesday and Sunday. This time, Wednesday and Sunday. […]

Bench – Week 19

Mood: Fucking amazing. My Bipolar/PTSD triggers usually when my stepkids are gone for the weekend–when it is should be the most peaceful. I made it through. And I made it through the weekend really really really happy. Meds on point. Trained on Friday and Sunday. Rested. Ate well. Spent qt time with my babies and […]

Deadlifts – Week 18

Mood: Stoked. The first time I deadlifted, I pulled 3 plates for a double. Eighteen weeks later, I am doing that for 5×3. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Romanian Deadlifts 135# 1×10; 175# 1×10; 225# 1×5; 275# 1×5 Sets Deadlifts 5×3 315# Finishers Lat Pulldown 5×6 195# Results: Meh. So the belt gave me a […]

Bench – Week 18

Mood: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it ain’t rough, it ain’t right. If loving Bench/OHP/Arms days are wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups OHP 65# 10 reps Reverse Barbell Curl 5×12 65# Sets OHP 4×5 100# Bench 5×5 100# Concentration Curls 5×8 30# Finishers Bench 5×10 100# […]

Squats Week 16

Mood: Pretty good. Went in thinking I was going to cover some good ground. What actually happened was a whole other story. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Back Squats 3 reps 135# Sets Back Squats 5×3 225# Finishers Back Squats 5 reps 225# Leg Press 5×8 275# Results: Meh. Warm-ups were no problem. Then I add […]