Deadlifts – Week 18

Mood: Stoked. The first time I deadlifted, I pulled 3 plates for a double. Eighteen weeks later, I am doing that for 5×3. Here’s the workout: Training: Warm-ups Romanian Deadlifts 135# 1×10; 175# 1×10; 225# 1×5; 275# 1×5 Sets Deadlifts 5×3 315# Finishers Lat Pulldown 5×6 195# Results: Meh. So the belt gave me a […]

(C) OHP, Arms :: Greyskull LP Week 15

Mood:┬áNow, queue it up! So in about a couple weeks or so, I am going (again) to try for my 1RMs. What I have noticed about programs that prep for powerlifting meets, that they start to become singularly focused until the big day. So this workout will be the last OHP and Accessory lifts and […]