Goals: 2016

Here are my current 1RM:

  • Bodyweight 285lbs at 6’8″
  • Bench 205lbs – Not quite 2plates, but I will get there soon enough. Honestly, I am not surprised by not hitting it. But I am surprised that I increased my Bench by 55lbs. in 23 weeks of training.
  • Squats 315lbs – I think this one was the most surprising. Not only did I hit it, but I hit strong and hard. So much so, I paused on that bitch.
  • Deadlifts 405lbs – Deadlifts are my focus. My end all to be all. This is the lift I want to be good at. So most of my mental energy is focused on how much can I pull.
  • OHP 150lbs – I do this because of two reasons: one, I have healthy shoulders and two, I want strong shoulders.

Total 925
Wilks 237.55

Now, I think an obvious goal to set is 3/4/5 plates come December 2016. But for now, lets progress along the way. Here are my goals that I wanna hit by May 1:

  • Bodyweight 275lbs – I try to hover around 275 for competition. This is my weight class until I think I have maxed out my generic potential at this weight. I went on the cut dropping from 3000cal (300c 225p 100f) to 2500cal (250c 83f 188p) per day.
  • Bench 225
  • Squats 355
  • Deadlifts 455
  • OHP 175

Total 1035
Wilks 267.64