(B) Squat + Legs :: 531 Cycle 2 Week 3

Mood: Pretty good.

Getting an handing on my emotions instead of my emotions hijacking my brain.

Let me make this point really quick: if you are on meds for any type of mental disorder, STAY ON YOUR MEDS. Do not let that shit reset. It takes your brain a while to get readjusted once you do get back on them.

Take the time right now to call your doctor to get your prescription re-upped. Borrow money to get your meds. Do whatever it takes.

This is me preaching to myself. Last night, my emotions almost hijacked me but it didn’t. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to get out from underneath that crushing weight.

Here’s the training:


  • 3×5 40%, 50%, 60%
  • 5 reps 75% 225#
  • 0 reps 85% FAILED
  • 0 reps 95% FAILED
Big But Boring
  • Seated Leg Curls 5×10 150#
  • Leg Extensions 5×10 150#

Results: Strugggglluggging

So I made the stupid mistake of working on my depth in the middle of my working set (as oppose to my Warmup or Accessory sets). I switched to Box Squats and went for depth. The depth was lower than what I am used to. I went to “catch” the weight and I responded with my lower back (while the weights were properly high on my scapula). Hence, my spinal erectors are really friggin sore and I couldn’t do another Squat to save my life.

So I finished the Leg Day by Supersetting Seated Curls (for Hammies) and Leg Extensions for focusing on the Quads.

By setting both to 150#, that actually maxed out the Seated Curls. I decided my Hamstrings are super strong but not super big. I have to now pay attention to Hamstring dominate ways of Squatting and what not.

SupplementsEat the Bear Uncaged and Lipo6 Black

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.


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