Nutritional Week 13

Since I am in a bit of a “cutting” phase, I decided to post up my weekly macros and see how far off I am.


Time  Wt(lbs)
Starting  295
Prior  285.5
Current  284.6
Loss  -0.9
Overall  -0.8/wk

I don’t think numbers on the scale is end all to be all. To be honest, this is probably not the best way to measure success. All  I wanted was not to look so puffy come summertime.

Right now, I am hitting 2250 cal and feeling fine. But I want to start lowering carbs and upping protein to hit that or maybe even go back to 2500cal.



Way beneath average. More importantly, my training has not suffered. I still feel really good especially since I can manipulate my carbs on training days and back off on recovery days.


IMG_7798 IMG_7799

Since cutting, I am most concern about my carbs which I am happy that it is low.

Protein is still a struggle but meh. As long as I go high on recovery days, I will be okay.




So being off meal prep, and your micros look like this.

Definitely will look into multivitamins this weekend.


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