Nutritional Week 9

Since I am in a bit of a “cutting” phase, I decided to post up my weekly macros and see how far off I am.


Time  Wt(lbs)
Starting  295
Prior  285.2
Current  284.9
Loss  -0.3
Overall  -1.12/wk




Still below 2500 on average down from 3000cal per day before the start of the year.

I see that the rate is slowing down but my calories are consistently under 2500k. If we drop below -1/wk, then I will drop my cals to 2250.


IMG_7069 IMG_7070

I am happy with my Carb and Fat intake but my Protein average is below average.

Carbs were up last week due to the habit from the weeks before when I was walking/biking to the bus stops and train stations.

Temper that this week.



So I started meal prepping my Lunches and then checking to see if I am getting enough Micros.

Vitamin A & C looks on point. But I am concerned about my Calcium and Iron. The easiest correction would be up my greens and my red meat. In the mean time, I will check out some multivitamins like this for Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc from Costco! (My wife takes slow Iron so I am going to hit up her stash.)


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