Nutritional Week 10

Since I am in a bit of a “cutting” phase, I decided to post up my weekly macros and see how far off I am.


Time  Wt(lbs)
Starting  295
Prior  284.9
Current  286.9
Loss  +2.0
Overall  -0.81/wk




Holy Shit! So I gained 2lbs this week and was like “Oh well, time to drop the Calories” and readjusted macros to compensate including going 200g in Carbs.

But turns to find out, I went over my cals this week.

Now 100cals over your mark wouldn’t really translate into 2lbs gain. Going over 100 for the week is one thing. Going over 100 per day for a week is another.   So I went over by 700cal. But, instead of dropping precious calories, I decided to work in some cardio.

If you know me, I friggin’ hate cardio. I don’t have that type of time to burn off a decent amount of calories.

But I have one weapon in my stash: the Kettlebell. More important, I know how to do the Kettlebell Swing (Hardstyle).

According to Pavel, this formula calculates calories burn on the Kettlebell Swing:

cal = Time to Train * Weight of Kettlebell * 0.52

(Note that Time of Exercise includes time to do sets and rest periods between sets. If you do 30s sets with 30s rest, that is 1m of training.)

For me, if I did 15m of Hardstyle Swings with my 70lb, then I will burn off 546cals. Go ahead and google and see if anything else beats. Maybe cross country skiing if you can go uphill both ways.

Even more to the hardcore, the formula for the Kettlebell Snatch:

cal = Time of Training * Weight * 0.81

Nothing on earth burns as many calories as the Kettlebell Snatch.

Since I only have a 35lb and 70lber, I am going to swing heavier with the 70lber to burn more in less time. If I had something between 35 and 70 (say 52lber), I might choose to Snatch that rather than  Swing for 15m to get more out in the same time. It really matters what KBs you have access to and how much can you Swing or Snatch.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to bang up your forearms during the top of the Snatch, just do them Botttoms-up:


IMG_7271 IMG_7270


OMG! This is as close as I have gotten to hitting my Macros in ever. It took a Buffet, Whey Protein and meal prepping my lunches with 0.8lbs of boneless skinless chicken thigh throughout the week.



I am thinking I have to invest in a multi vitamin.



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