(D) Deadlifts + Back :: Minimalist LP Cycle 4

Mood: Psycho.

Two trainings in one day. No sweat.

Here’s the training:

  • Romanian Deadlifts 10 reps 135#
  • Romanian Deadlifts 3×10 reps 225#
  • Deadlifts 2 reps at 295#
  • Deadlifts 2 reps at 315#
  • Deadlifts 1 reps at 355#
  • Barbell Row 3×10 185#
  • Lat Pulldown 3×5 150#
  • Kroc Row 3×8 110#

Results: Monsterous.

Even despite failing my 2nd rep at 355.

This workout was glorious.

By the way, don’t let anybody lie to you: Smith Machines are much easier than Barbells. Smith Machines are not useless but they are not an out right replacement.

BB Rows still suck but suck a whole lot less when you cheat.

Krocs Rows are still my Bae. (I tried getting a video but missed all the lovin’. Perhaps it was too explicit for the love that was shared.)

Supplements: C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.


Timing Calories Carb Fat Protein
pre  2,467 269 94 141
post  1,996 119 136 142


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