(C) OHP + Shoulders :: Minimalist LP Cycle 3

: Recovering

Got one training done last week and jacked around and didn’t do another one. Then ended up being sick on Friday and out for two days and not 100% until today.

Back to work.

Here’s the training:

  • Overhead Press 10 reps 45#
  • Overhead Press 10 reps 65#
  • Overhead Press 10 reps 95#
  • Overhead Press 5 reps 115#
  • Overhead Press 5 reps 120#
  • Overhead Press (fat gripz) 5 reps 120#
  • Landmine Press 100# 5×10

Results: Holding back.

Since this is my first day back since being sick, I didn’t go balls out with the accessory work. I just wanted to get the main work in at least.

I haven’t talked about it much but starting today, I am going to try to work in as much as I can with training for the Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic coming up in April 30. The first event I can train for is the Axle Clean & Press which to simulate the thickness of the Axle barbell, I just put fatgripz and rock and roll with it.

Here’s my starting attempt.

Supplements: C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.


Timing Calories Carb Fat Protein
pre  2,453 336 116 117
post 3,373 357 134 197


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