Deadlifts Week 17

Mood: Manic.

The last time I worked out was like Tuesday and I didn’t make it to the gym until today.

I have had two manic episodes since then.

For those who don’t know, I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. What that means is that my highs are really high and my lows are really low. For some people who get super high, they do things like clean the house. For me, I rage out.

Everything is personal. Everyone is against me. If you suggest something to me, I will say, “No”.

For example, right at this moment, I am going to sleep not in my home because I am convinced that my wife only wanted to manipulate me and break my spirit so that I will be subjected to her and she wants all the power.

That statement doesn’t make nearly as much sense as it did a couple hours ago.

With my illness, self-care is ultra-important. Alone time, meds, diet and training has to be on deck. If you forgo even one of those things, bad things are going to happen.

What I have learned is that even when my self-care is on point, I still have manic episodes.

That is the case for the last two months. All of my self-care has been tip-top but I have had three manic episodes. They are coming faster. I am fortunate tha my recovery has been quicker. (With the exception of today.)

I should have gone to the gym a lot sooner.

Listen, training is not going to cure mental illness. But it will hold those demons at bay.

Here’s the workout:

  • Romanian Deadlifts – 135# x 10, 165# x 10, 225# x 5, 265# x 5 – This felt really good. Got to progress up and it felt really strong. Went strapless and let my grip get in some work.
  • Deadlifts 5×3 310# – No straps
  • Deadlifts 305# for 5 reps – No straps
  • Lat Pull-down 5×8 150# – Heavy Deads call for some Lat Pulldown lovin’. Feels so good.
  • Seated Cable Row -5×8 165#
  • Kroc Row 3×8 105# – Straps

Results: Some observations:

  • Deadlifts with Straps – I swear to God that my Deadlifts feel weaker with straps. I was going to Strap up on the last all out set and it felt like crap. Unstrapped and went to town.
  • Kroc Rows – Here’s my ode to the Kroc Row

I quit on you, baby
but you never gave up on me.
You were there
waiting patiently,
Thank you.


I got up to 100# and just quit. No reason. But tonight, I return and it felt so good.

So the quest to 150# CONTINUES!

All in all, this was a freakishly solid training day.


Supplements: C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.

Food: 3,136cal  282c  108f  179p


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