(A) Bench, Squats. Shoulders :: Greyskull LP Week 12

Mood: Backlogging.

Here’s the workout:

  • Barbell Bench Press 2×5 165#
  • Front Plate Raises 5×12 45#
  • High Bar Barbell Back Squats 2×5 240#
  • Barbell Bench Press 10 reps 165#
  • High Bar Barbell Back Squats 10 reps 240#
  • Standing One-Arm Landmine Press 3×8 120#

Results: I was looking up great shoulder strength exercises because at the moment, cable raises and flys are not cutting it for me. (Shockingly enough). That is when I got turnt up to the Landmine Press (or as Bodybuilding.com calls it ” Single-Arm Linear Jammer“):

After doing 5 sets of theses, I was convinced that me lovin’ the landmine press was wrong, I didn’t want to be right.

Supplements: C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.

Food: 3,479cal  425carbs  116 f 153p


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