Squats, OHP, Deadlifts (B) :: Stronglifts 5×5 Week 4

Mood: Intrigued.

Last Wednesday, I did my usually 3×5 Deadlifts (because I am not going to be restricted to just one).

Then the next day, I felt my lats. Then that “feeling” spread all over my lats.

Some would call it pain. I don’t think it was pain. I think it was because I seriously used them for the first time ever.

So I went back to my normal Deadlift routine.

And it felt GREAT! I felt stronger than ever.

Speaking of, I I have switched my Lat Pulldowns to superset with OHP and put in Hammer Curls with Bench Press.

It just made more sense.

Here’s the workout:

  • Squats 45# 2×5; 85# 1×3
  • OHP 45# 2×5
  • Deadlifts 135# 1×5; 185# 1×5
  • High Bar Barbell Back Squats 5×5 135#
    • Triceps Extensions 5×8 35#
  • Overhead Press 5×5 80#
    • Lat Pulldowns 5×5 150#
  • Deadlifts 3×5 215#
    • Triceps Pushdowns 5×12 50# – Dropped the weight on this in order to get more reps. Triceps strength at the beginning progressing
  • High Bar Barbell Back Squats 15 reps 65#

Results: Solid workout. Didn’t do as many finishers as I would wanted to. But solid nonetheless.

I think I am going to stick to some kind of lower body (Squats) finishers to really burn off calories. Let’s see what it will look like in 4 weeks.

Supplements: C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Whey ProteinCreatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.

Food: 2,617cal  C139     F67     P182

In addition to the carb-load on training/protein-load on rest days, I decide to go on a cut since I am 8 weeks out from my beach vacation. I definitely won’t get the six pack abs but I am going to try like hell. Plus, I can always distract them with tickets to the gun show.



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