Program: First Week And Thinking About Switching

Something is already bugging about my program.

When I squat, bench or press, the bar is not as steady as I want it to be.

The only lift that feels rock solid is my deadlift.

I think I have the muscle mass to lift the weight but I don’t have a good “feel” for the weights.

After three workouts, I am dying for more time under the bar.

I am thinking perhaps it would be better to switch to Stronglifts 5×5 and get maximum time under the bar.

Then add chin-ups (bicep work) and dips (triceps work) and my only accessory.

I am definitely going to switch and I am going to switch to SL starting with my next workout with one cavaet: I am going to attempt to do more than one damn set of deadlifts.

In the meantime, I will shelf this program. I might use it for when I switch to 5/3/1.


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