Program: Current PRs (What Do I Have to Work With)

Nothing to write home about. But that is the reason why I train in the first place: get swole.

Squats: 200

Deadlifts: 370

Bench: 150

OHP: 130

Using the Stronglifts starting scale, here are the numbers I start off with for Week 1:

Squats: 85

Deadlifts: 160

Bench: 65

OHP: 45

Then, for right now, here is what the program looks like:

Squats 3×8
Box Squats 3×8
Power Cleans 5×10
Lunges 4×8

Deadlift 3×5
Romanian Deadlifts 3×5
Shrugs 3×10
Lat Pull 3×10
Farmer’s Carry 120m

Bench 3×8
Incline 3×8
Dumbbell Bench 3×10
Dumbbell Flys 3×10
Hammer Incline Shoulder Press 3×12

OHP 3×8
Alt Dumbbell Press 3×8
Single Arm Linear Jammer 4×8
Kroc 4×10

Biceps Curl 3×10
Triceps Pulldown 3×15
Triceps Extensions 3×10
1.25 Extensions 3×10
Biceps Cure 3min

I am going to adjust the Accessory lifts as I feel. But the big fours stays in place. Also, I will add in lifts on the fly like Leg Press when I have DOMS from Squats earlier in the week.


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