Program: Accessory Lifts aka For Funsies

With a wife, 6 kids and a newborn soon-on-the-way, there are going to be more times than not where I need to get into the gym, do my shit and get the eff out. I have scheduled it to where my primary and secondary lifts MUST be done.

It’s not only “something nice if it happens”, it actually has to happen in my mind. All day long, I will think about the Squats I will do that night, or the weight I need to pull that night.

But if I got the time or I take the time and go to the gym everyday on my lunch break for a quick 30 minute session or I do get a sweet hour of training, then there is even more stuff I will prioritize as far as my mass goals are concerned.

My mass aka hypertrophy goals are as follows:

  1. Back – I am obsessed with putting prime steak on my back. My back work including Traps.   Whatever I gotta do, I will do it including Pull-ups, Power Cleans, KB Swings, Rows, Close Grip Lat Pulldowns,  and Pullovers.
  2. Shoulders – My shoulders, so small. I hit them with DB Presses and Arnold Presses.
  3. Triceps – For that upper arm bigness, I hit them with Dips, Triceps Pulldowns, Tricep Extensions, 1.25 Extensions, and Skullcrushers. I might end up working in Kickbacks.
  4. Biceps – Standing at 6’8, you know that it is hard as heck trying to add meat on these T-Rex arms. This means lots of Biceps Curls (with and without Fat Gripz, Supinating, Ez-Bar, Barbell)
  5. Chest – aka Chicken Chest. Hit these with DB Flys and DB Bench Presses. Soon, I will do Incline and Decline.
  6. Abs – I just want my Abs and Obliques to be strong as well. Planks and Ab Wheel at the house will do just fine.
  7. Legs – I am not saying I don’t want huge, jean-busting legs. I do. But Leg Day is first day of the week for me. I always do leg day so I don’t worry about getting that work in. BUT, if I wanna or my legs are sore that week, Leg Presses are great way to cure that. If I am worried about my form, the I can do some heavy Goblet Squats.

I am not going to necessarily program any of these but some exercises like the Dips, Pull-ups, and Power Cleans are going to get first dibs just because I get a lot more bang for the buck. And towards the end, I can do any arm exercise I want to finish my night off.


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