Rows + Swings + Pull-ups :: Kettlebell TRM Week 15

Mood: aka the Backasaurus Rex.

Let us pause for a moment as we say goodbye to my favorite workout of all time, 100 + 100 + 100.

As fun as that workout was, I was doing Triceps plus some Back work while doing Triceps work with my Press.

That didn’t make much sense.

Wouldn’t make more sense to group both Triceps work (Extensions + Dips)  and my Back exercises together in their respected groups, especially since my back is as flat as a pancake? My Instagram is inundated with people showing off their awesome backs and all I got is a slab of nothing with accompanying Price Is Right Loser Horns. I swear to beans my Back is the most difficult place to build mass. It’s not my legs (quads popped no prob and calves are thick like Luke dancers) or even my noodly arms (which can fill out most of my XXL t-shirts) but rather my back.

So here is my plan of attack:

  • Rhomboids (Middle of the back) – Using heavy Kettlebells or Dumbbells for a Bent Over Row, pull up high and pause for 2 count, be sure to squeeze the middle of your back tight before going down. Rest each rep for 5 seconds before repeating.
  • Lower back – Heavy One-Arm Kettlebell Swings. With a 70# KB and the  Hip Hinge swing, I should be able to generate over 500lbs of force per swing. While I don’t have anything heavy to Deadlift now, the Kettlebell Swing compliments the Deadlift perfectly by training the posterior chain: lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Lats – Ah yes, one of my many weak spots. I attack these by trying to hit it with Pull-ups and Wide Grip Pull-ups until failure. In my experience with my Triceps Extensions, my muscles won’t feel like they are about to pop until I work them until failure. If I get them to fail, my muscles grow to swole.

Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos 16kg 2×10
  • KB Goblet Squats 16kg 2×5

Since I doing Pull-ups till failure, I am going to keep them out of the superset.

  • High KB Rows (2 sec pause), 5×6 reps, 60 total
  • 1H KB Swings, 5×20 reps, 100 total
  • Pull-ups Assisted -75#  Chair-Assisted plus 15# Chain and Fat Gripz, 50 reps
  • Wide Grip Pull-ups -75#  Chair-Assisted plus 15# Chain and Fat Gripz, 50 reps
  • Negative Pull-ups -75#  Chair-Assisted plus 15# Chain and Fat Gripz, 100 reps

Results: I am going to to stick with this for 12-16 more weeks. Right now, my failure on Pull-ups is not that my back is giving out but rather my grip and forearms. That might be because I use Fat Gripz. If I don’t think my back is failing, I am going to switch off the Gripz to make sure I beat my back into submission.

Supplements: 1 pill Hydroxycut and 1 pill Yohimbine HCL and washed it down with C4 taken 30 minutes prior to working out.

Daily: Creatine (for the one extra rep and swoleness) and Fish Oil (joints) everyday.


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