Press + Cleans :: Kettlebell TRM Week 13

Mood: Still learning.

Joe Daniels here does an excellent breakdown of Kettlebell Cleans in general.

My takeaway:

  1. Limit the hike – When you hike the KB into the Clean, you have a tendency to throw the KB far out and then you have to pull the KB in and thus, banging up your forearm.  Instead drive with the hips up. (I know we all want to keep our heels planted but the heels do come up with hip driving.)
  2. Heavier the weight, the further back it goes – Instead of the bring the KB straight up, set it a few inches back in order to simulate a hiking motion to get the heavy KB up but without the forearm bruising.

By starting the KB further back behind my feet, KB Cleans are freakin’ cupcake. All that means is that I get to double up on my Cleans.

If you are really interested, he goes into doing high volume reps with the Cleans later on into the video.

My mood is also Humbled:

So I will be adding in attempts in until I can do a press while seated.

  • KB Halos 16kg 2×10
  • KB Goblet Squats 16kg 2×5
  • Single KB Clean  70# 3×4
  • KB Press 70# 3×4
  • KB Clean & Press 3 reps – Just to add one more set, I decided to do an actual Clean & Press set. Yummy!
  • 1.25 Tricep Extensions 35# Seated 100 reps (fat gripz)

Results: I feel great. The triceps pump is not there like last week but I feel strong.

Also, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with trying to do a 70# Seated Press. It’s infected my mind like an friggin’ earworm.


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