Press + Cleans :: Pre-Powerlifting TRM Week 11

Mood: This is the No Clean edition.

Due to my wicked tat:

Update: still badass
Update: still badass

Still can’t do 1h KB Cleans.

I had two things to focus on: shoulder and tricep work.

So with my little Quarter Presses, I decided to eff it and knock out 100 reps.

Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos 16kg 2×10
  • KB Goblet Squats 16kg 2×5
  • KB Press 70# 26 reps total (PR) – For the time being, I can no longer chase the rep max total. 12 is my max. So I am switching out for volume work which is increasing my supposed RM (this week is 13) and doubling that number to get my volume work in. I am a big fan of just getting to the number no matter how you do it: one at a time, sets of threes, whatever. For me, a good pace is sets of 3. Four maxes me out and only once have I ever done five and six reps without a ten second pause
  • Quarter Tricep Extensions 35# 12 reps (PR) 125 total – I knocked the first 50 per arm rapidly and finish the work doing it nice and slow and worked on that pump action. I effed around and forgot to do this with my Fat Gripz. That is why I tacked on 25 more reps.

Results: Super strong. Felt great.


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