Press + Clean :: Pre-Powerlifting TRM Week 10 Deload

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In terms of hypertrophy (i.e. mass i.e. swoleness), there are three deficiencies I am always working on

  • Shoulders – Not only do I have weak shoulders, I have nothing to show for my weak shoulders. Weak on weak.
  • Upper Back including Lats – There’s nothing back there. I am always ashamed when I see Back Selfies. Boohoo. (No not really but I still have nothing back there.
  • Triceps – Again. So small.

In other words, I too, chase the almighty pump (not to be confused with Pumps & A Bump).

But in terms of not only strength, I know what I do is actually working based on really on how my XL t-shirts fit:

  • I fill out my XL short sleeves easily – My guns are only 18 inches which is awesome if you are normal height. For a giant 6’8″ freak like me, it is a minor upgrade. For me, I have to get up in the 24″ guns just to show anything like this giant here, Robert Oberst:

    24" Biceps? WTF!
    24″ Biceps? WTF!
  • My shirts’ short sleeves have gotten shorterI think it has to be the broadness of my shoulders have gotten wider and thus, riding the sleeve up showing a lot more arm than needed outside of a nightclub. My wife accuses me of stealing my daughter’s t-shirts.
  • I see some meat on the back – It ain’t much but I will take what I can get.
    My lovely, lovely humps
    My lovely, lovely humps


Needless to say, I am tossing old shirts away and replacing them with XXL shirts. #swole

Even though I am not a Bodybuilder, I pay attention to their articles and what they do and incorporate it into my training.

In the end, I am like anybody else. I want to look like I lift. Given my tall frame, it might take 5-6 years but it will be worth it. As far as my diet and training goes, I feel like I am on the right track and I will keep evaluating every 12-16 weeks.

Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos 16kg 3×10
  • KB Goblet Squats 16kg 3×5
Rest 1
  • Single KB Clean  70# 1×13 (PR)
  • KB Press 70# 1×12 (PR)
  • KB Quarter Triceps Extensions 35# 72 reps – One of my favorite tricep pumps is either the almighty Dip or Kettlebell Quarter Extensions. For the Extensions, I am trying to get 100 reps per arm total.

Results: Shoulders feel strong. Triceps are pumped.


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