Squats + Press :: Pre-Powerlifting TRM Week 6

Mood: Resting well.

In my recent logs, I made the comment on how I don’t ever write in cleans into my programs despite the fact I do them, I love doing them, and they actually benefit the rest of my training–the actual difference between sloppy form and good form.

So when I was working out tonight, I finally figured out how to fully and completely incorporate cleans into my training.

I always remember Pavel emphasizing Active Rest over Passive Rest. Passive Rest is when you sit on your ass doing nothing in between sets. Active Rest is actually doing something between sets if for nothing else, you stay on your feet or you shadow box or whatever. Just do something to keep the heartrate up.

In between my supersets, I will have anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes of rest. And this is where I knock out my cleans for the next set.


Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos 16kg 3×10
  • KB Goblet Squats 16kg 3×5
  • Push-ups 3×10

Prior to doing a superset, I will do a set of required cleans (single cleans for one handed, double cleans for double kbs, etc.).

Rest 1
  • Single KB Clean  70# 1×6
  • Hang Clean 70# 1×6

Here’s the thing about singles vs doubles. I don’t want to bog down in making sure I do volume work with singles. I don’t got time for that. But, like the Clean, I do see the necessity of doing single work to prop up my double work. Since I am more focus on strength, I am switching my volume work over to doubles rather than singles. If I moved to hypertrophy, you will see more of a focus on single high rep work rather than low rep doubles.

  • KB Rack Squat 70# 1×5
  • KB Press 70# 1×5
  • Goblet Squat 70# 2×5
Rest 2
  • Double KB Clean 106# 3×3
  • KB Front Squat 106# 3×3
  • KB Shrugs 106# 3×6

Results: Nailed it. I am going to do the 5 reps per set of singles (for each hand) for every 3 reps per sets of doubles.

Since I am doing my doubles last, I can see if I can’t do beyond the last set of 3 reps and try to get PRs that way.

No bodyweight but I am going to work that into my schedule for the rest of the week.


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