Squats :: Pre-Powerlifting TRM Week 5

Mood: Shits going to get done edition.

Took me an hour to get my Squats in between watching my youngest boy. But I did it and my 2 year old boy is a day closer from deadlifting his first 16kg.

It’s like Randy Watson once said, “I believe that the children are our future. Teach ’em well and let them lead the way.”

Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos – 16kg 3×10
  • KB Goblet Squats – 16kg 3×5
  • Push-ups – 24 reps (PR) TRM – I decided to add Push-ups errday.

The Session:

  • KB Double Clean – 48kg 7 (PR) DRM – I have gone full ding dong. I never program cleans into my routine. Yet, I always do cleans. Worse yet, I love doing cleans. Even still, more cleans makes for better squats, presses, whatever, every single time. They don’t take reps away from other exercises. I have to go back and reprogram in cleans. What’s wrong with me.
  • KB Front Squat – 48kg 7 (PR) DRM – I have got to start being honest with myself and stop trying to do TRMs with this exercise at this weight. This is where I am at. And I am happy with that.
  • One-Arm KB Clean – 32kg 10 (PR) DRM – Form was so good. Handling 48kg makes handling a single 32kg feel light and easy.
  • KB Rack Squat – 32kg 5 reps DRM
  • 2H KB Clean – 32kg 5 reps (PR) – These are a lot of fun–that is until I mess around, don’t catch it and get banged in the throat. Until then, good times.
  • Goblet Squat (KB) – 32 5 reps DRM – I remember when these were hard. I think I am going to add them back in. Keep my form good and awesome.

Results: Good and not so good. No dips and no pull-ups. Sadness, Part 1.

I want to say my power tower was inaccessible. Truth be told, I am lazy and didn’t want to back out my truck. That and… I didn’t want to be apart from my kids. Responsible parenting and all of that.

Oh, and I am going to incorporate KB Shrugs (3 second hold) into the mix, mostly because my traps look like homemade bicycle ramps. You know, the ones you take sweet jumps off. Great for 10 speeds. Not great for life. Requeue Enya’s Sadness, Pt 1.


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