Squats :: Pre-Powerlifting TRM Week 4 Deload

Mood: y-u-no-how-to-do-a-deload-weekSleepy. Got 3 hours sleep last night. Beyond that, my body wants to shuts down every 4 weeks. I didn’t put in Deloads in this program but every single time I don’t program it in, my body tells me, “It’s time to Deload.” So I end up going back and putting it in.

No matter how strong I am (and I am easily twice as strong as I was in high school or even my 20’s), I am still 39 and still need rest and deloading.

Here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos – 16kg 3×10
  • KB Goblet Squats – 16kg 3×5

The Session:

  • Push-ups – 23 reps (PR) TRM – I am going to start folding in Push-ups into my training errday. Between Push-ups, Dips, Front Presses, Pullovers, and Pull-ups, I think I have the Chest cover. If I can add an addition day at the gym, I will definitely add Bench.
  • KB Front Squat – 48kg 3×7 – For future deloads, I think I will switch to form (KB Rack Squats) and stabilization (Goblet Squats) instead of Front Squats. It’s easier and with those two exercises, I can still work on those things instead of doing fewest sets with barely any work at all.

Results: Tired. If I had half a brain, switching to Rack and Goblet would have left enough energy to do Dips and Pull-ups. But I was too poop to pop.


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