Press :: Pre-Stronglifts 5×5 Week 6 DRM

Mood: Disappointed because I had a failed Week 5 with only one session in. Chalk it up to a loss.

Excited because I get to rewrite my program to include Double Rep Max.

When I consider using DRM, I was a tad sad about not getting the grind volume work that I so wanted. Yes, I want the single set rep PR (vastly important since you can’t go up in KB weight without buying another KB) but I also like the total reps in one session. I like trying to get to triple digits.

So, instead of settling for DRM, why not go for Triple Rep Max. Heck, when appropriate: Quad Rep Max.

So I rewrote my next month of programming to fit this scheme:


With each row, represent one week, I use the first column for the PR bust, then the second column to indicated total reps. Also, for some lifts, I added a third column for light weight/higher rep work.

Here’s the entire 6 week program.

What I also noticed is that I am having a harder time getting in my sessions. So I broke it up into several training days, giving flexibility to combine two or three together if time allowed:

  • Shoulders – KB Press
  • Lower Body – KB Rack Squats, KB Goblet Squats
  • Triceps – KB Tricep Extensions and a Half
  • Upper Back – Kroc Rows
  • Abs – Ab Wheel
  • Lower Back – KB Deadlifts
  • Chest – Push-ups
  • Conditioning – Double KB Swings

Now, if you did one session per day, you would have already ran out of days by the end of the week. So I what I have figured to do is:

  • Chest – I want to hit 100 Push-ups goal and already do push-ups twice a week (wide and narrow). So I figure, in the mornings, why not do them every day of the week and keep adding on one more push-up.
  • Conditioning – I usually tack on Double KB Swings on my easier days. With this program, I will keep doing the same.

So that gives me five sessions to squeeze in seven days: Press and Squats being first priority, followed by Triceps and Rows, then followed by Abs and Back–in order of weakest to strongest.

With the major retweaking, here’s the workout:

  • KB Halos – 16kg 3×10
  • KB Goblet Squats – 16kg 3×5

The DRM Bust (not to be confused with DMX):

KB Press – 32kg 8 reps (PR) plus 8 DRM – Can you feel it? I just busted out 16 muthafuckin’ reps with a 32kg ‘bell one-handed overhead, WHAT, SON! Six months ago, I couldn’t do even one. Now I push weights like rhymes, kid:

Yeah, yeeaaaahhh!

The Grind:

KB Press 16kgs Fat Gripz – 3×10 – Body tight. Breathing on point. Form was near perfect. Great reset.

Results: Fuck yes! That’s all I got.


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