Training Goals :: Summer 2014

rogue_kb_32kgAfter dinking around with kettlebells for several years, I started Pavel’s Simple & Sinister Program in December 2013. I would honestly say this is where I moved from fitness to training. Since every week, I strive to be better by either lifting heavier weights or tacking on more reps and sets. I promised myself that if I were to get past the S&S Program Minimum (10×10 1H Swings in Five Minutes; 5 reps Turkish Get-ups in 10 minutes), then I would reward myself with a 32kg kb.

Hit the goal, ordered the bell and in the middle of February 2014, it finally arrived. It was like Christmas Pt 2.

Just as I broke it out of the package, I immediately check to see if I could do a press with it. But I as soon as I cleaned it with my stronger hand, there was some wonkiness. I knew this was not going over well. I could not press, nor push press it, nor jerk it out of the clean.

easy_strengthI was a tad disappointed but if strength was easy, then I would be Dan John or Pavel. I am neither of these guys and strength is hard. Hence, it is strength. It’s suppose to be difficult.

So almost immediately I sat down and jotted down my goals. What did I want to accomplish during the summer, by the end of the year and by the my 40th birthday (May 2015).

Here are my first set of goals that I tried to reach by September of this year:

Powerlift 0.5/1/2/3
1 pull-up unassisted
100 push-ups unassisted
24kg press for reps
24kg TGUs for reps
32kg 1h swings for reps
Double 16kg front squats
24kg Rite of Passage
120# Kroc Row
CoC #2 for reps

This is how I did.

Powerlift 0.5/1/2/3 plates – Back in May, I connected with a great guy named Monte Sparkman  (who knows a thing or two about powerlifting). Since I have never powerlifted before, I wanted to make sure my form and technique is decent before adding on weight. He got me to 3 plates deadlift and 150# on bench. Hit the 2 plates squat and 140 overhead. Solid base to start Stronglifts. (I might retest Training Max per Wendler’s formula in 5/3/1. Might.)

1 pull-up unassisted – Nope. Still need bands. Still doing Lat pull downs. Still doing ab wheels. Still.

100 push-ups unassisted – My PR is 86 with 15# Weighted. I have two days of push-ups: Narrow and Wide and both are Weighted.

24kg press for reps – I do 32kg press for reps.

24kg TGUs for reps – My RM with a 16kg is 10 which works out to be about 21kg 1RM. Close but no cigar.

32kg 1h swings for reps – Uh, yes.

Double 16kg front squats – I am going to mark this down as a yes since I do Single 32kg Rack Squats for reps.

24kg Rite of Passage – I am going to put this down as a no.  My only claim to fame is a Bottoms Up 16kg Rite of Passage:

120# Kroc Row – Again, as a no. Honestly, I have the weight. I haven’t even tried. You would think for this being my favvy-fav I would have at least attempted it. Now I gotta go try by tying together my 32kg, 16kg, and 15# chain.

CoC #2 for reps – Again, a no only because I don’t own any Captain of Crush.

Results: I am intensely satisfied. Most of these misses were due to not really having the equipment. Only the Pull-ups, TGUs, and Pull-ups were due to failures.

So here’s the new goals for 2015:

Deadlift 6 plates for 3 reps
Powerlift 1/2/3/4
1 pull-up unassisted
100 push-ups weighted
32kg press for reps
24kg TGUs for reps
Double 32kg  swings for reps
Double 32kg front squats
24kg Rite of Passage
150# Kroc Row
CoC #2 for reps

The only one I bumped up despite failure was Kroc Row. I am confident I can do a 120# 1RM. All the other failures got moved over to this new goal list.


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